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Just check out the carousel below and work that show off those heels! Prior to hanging out on fashion's biggest night, the model and rapper were rumored to be dating but neither side confirmed the chatter.

The rapper changed from his previous t-shirt to a distressed Hootie And The Blowfish concert shirt which was worn over a D. Kendall has been enjoying her time in NYC as of late, spending time with sister Kim Kardashian earlier in the week.

Wearing this Prada heeled sandals from their 2012 collection (can we call them vintage now?

) Kendall pieced together some harem pants and crop top adding a touch of true whimsical style that updated her all black outfit.

But while the pair attempted to keep a low profile, they were still spotted walking out of the venue together looking like every inch the rock star couple, and Kendall flashed her toned abs in a sexy crop top.


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