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Although he would not openly admit it to anyone, Boone was in love with Shannon and often rescued her from abusive relationships by paying off her many suitors.

While he was at a tennis court with Nicole (who may or may not have been his girlfriend), Boone received a phone call from Shannon pleading for him to come and help her.

He went to the police station, and while talking to the detective, Boone saw Sawyer being hauled off to be deported after being interrogated, not knowing that the next day both of their lives would change forever.

Boone pleaded with Malcolm to help and even tried to use his family name to gain leverage.

He that said his mother knew why he asked for the money.

Boone then offered Shannon some of his own money to get her started in New York without him, but she refused because she wanted to prove herself.

Boone Carlyle was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, and Shannon's stepbrother.


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