No dating sabbatical

I don’t want to fucking tweet about how good or how bad my dates went. This also goes back to how I’m separating myself, my personal life to an extent from the T-blawg world I created. I don’t want to Instagram the dinner I’m eating on my dates.

The idea of pulling further apart when a relationship is already on the rocks may seem illogical, but increasing number of couples are embracing the idea of taking a ‘sabbatical’ from their marriage in order to save it.

Flic Everett, who claims a sabbatical saved her marriage, is one such woman, but psychologist Jo Hemmings claims they can cover up underlying problems that would never get addressed if couples run away from them.

It’s just the way the cards have fallen in my life.

This dating sabbatical isn’t so much by choice this time.

Flic, who spent several days each week apart from her husband, rather than a shorter full time separation, explains: ‘My husband and I had been married for 10 long years, we worked together and both had step children.