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She told Ofsted inspectors there was a 'distinct lack of leadership' by Stewart and Stevens during an inspection which saw the school put into 'special measures.2Staff also told how Stewart was called a 'racist, sexist, fattist bully' by staff and boasted his management style was 'to divide and conquer'.

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A 'bullying' headmaster who stole £100,000 of school funds to pay for a lavish lifestyle and romped with his secretary in a specially-built 'sex dungeon' has been jailed for four years.

The court heard the school had been left in a 'dire financial' position by the fraud, it had 'haemorrhaged staff,' and it had been put in 'special measures' during at Ofsted inspection in 2014.

Stewart, who read history at Cambridge, admitted six counts of fraud and one of misconduct in a public office.

The misconduct charge also included the fact that he often drank alcoholic beverages on school property and kept others from meeting with him by shutting himself in his office for long periods of time, arriving late and leaving early for horse races and skiing holidays abroad.