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We moved to the coastal town of Moruya when I was about four; the climate there was more Californian.

I fell out of the car on the drive to Moruya, late at night. On a bend in the dirt road the passenger-side door came open by accident - the car was an old Chevrolet sedan. I fell onto the road and bounced through the blackberries into a ditch.

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I managed nearly a year of Architecture at Sydney University in 1961, and the next year passed some Arts subjects, though I failed first-year English. In my last year of high school a teacher gave me some poetry to read - D. Lawrence, Gerard Manley Hopkins, some Chinese poetry - and suggested I submit something to the school yearbook magazine. Mind you, the competition wasn't that tough; this was an agricultural high school, a state-government-run boarding school, and most of the kids there were expecting to go on to a career in farming, God help them.

Then in 1966 I saved some money and went to England on a passenger ship, the Fairstar, and worked at menial jobs in London for a year. It took me about five years to work out what poetry was really about, and to catch up on enough reading to know the areas where I should be putting my energy. I latched onto him through a pulp novel based on his life by James Ramsey Ullman titled The Day on Fire, the shorter paperback version.

John Tranter: Well, yes, of course I've read Ashbery; I found his writing refreshing and liberating. But Ashbery also spent a decade in Paris, and that interest does tie in with my early liking for French poetry.

I think I came across it first in Donald Hall's anthology Contemporary American Poetry published by Penguin in 1962. I think you can make out a line of influence that weaves back and forth: from Poe in the US to Baudelaire in Paris, then through Rimbaud, Mallarmé and Laforgue back into English through Eliot (an American) in London.

Then I hitch-hiked back to Australia across Europe and Asia - Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India - with my girl-friend Lyn, exploring the hippy trail and having various adventures. Ullman has him heterosexual, for goodness' sake, writing love-lorn poems to a beautiful but remote girl, when he wasn't busy exploring the coffee-shops of Paris with his poet pals. Then I found the Enid Starkie biography of Rimbaud, and then the Penguin Rimbaud with its sparkling prose translations by Oliver Bernard, and I was away.


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    It actually has a fairly good story and good characters in it)Kaze no Stigma A Certain Scientific Railgun A Certain Magical Index Fairy Tail Girls und Panzer K-on! Don't judge me)Batman the animated series (Kevin Conroy is Batman! Books/Manga (not in any specific order at all)Pride and Prejudice Fullmetal Alchemist Yu-Gi-Oh GXNaruto (though I am way behind in reading the manga)Percy Jackson and the Olympian series Kane Chronicles series Heroes of Olympus series To Kill A Mockingbird The Prey series by John Sandford Hunger Games trilogy Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Virgil Flowers series by John Sandford Harry Potter (though didn't care for the last two books, but that's just me)Negima!

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