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I feed my children, stay with them at home and learn from Bircham University at the same time. in Applied Statistics & Probability - Completed: 2007Cum Laude in Applied Statistics & Probability - Completed: 2007TESTIMONY: "2008: I thank Bircham University because it gave me the chance to continue my education on a distance learning program. D's, the first in Applied Mathematics, the second in Computer Science with Magna Cum Laude, and the third in Applied Statistics with Magna Cum Laude also. To help you in doing so, I am from Lebanon and I took three Ph. I also attended the BIU’s ceremony in Lebanon where you have distributed the diplomas to all the graduates including myself.

It is a great golden, learning staying with your family/space. If I have the time I would complete also my knowledge in other fields of knowledge, and all this thanks to Bircham University, and with the support and valuable guidance of Dr. I will always be proud to be a BIU graduate with your person as the CEO of the university.

I still remember when i was collecting some of my colleagues to join this university with me and how hard it was to convince them to do their masters through distance learning.

I confess that many of them have already had their master degrees before me from Bircham University.

Cesar Martinez, não exitei mais e me inscrevi na formação de Especialista em Saude Natural.


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