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They spilled out the front and back entrances onto both porches, into the parking lot, down the sidewalk and around the block — men in various states of dress and undress. Most leather bars post their schedule of events — “Blackout Wednesdays,” “Naked Mondays,” the monthly bondage club meeting, a specific party, a visiting DJ, or specific nights that require certain fetish gear — In many leather bars, you can get by in jeans and a t-shirt.

Some were decked out in full-body leather (“full cow”). Some are more intense, catered to people actively in the scene who know fetish wear, and require you to meet dress code to get in the door. If you’re a newbie, don’t go to a gear party or to a bar that requires gear for entry as your first leather bar. If you find yourself at a leather bar and are, for whatever reason, not kinky, not into leather, not into the people who are part of leather/BDSM, then you’re not the intended clientele, and you may want to go elsewhere.

Upstairs, things were different — a quiet dive bar, people milling around wooden tables. On the dance floor, I inched close to a guy with salt-and-pepper hair who was wearing a leather kilt. He put his arm around me and shouted in my ear, “Where are you from? He pulls my hand and I follow him through the throng.

A circle of men stood around him and I didn’t dare peek through. He held me, we swayed with the music as he rubbed my chest. Then he pulled my hand under his kilt: a fully erect dick with a massive Prince Albert piercing jutting through the head.

Chez René is located close to this square, and has often been voted one of the best gay bars in the entire city, which is no mean feat considering the sheer number of bars in Amsterdam.