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On December 9, two volunteers delivered the items to the school and will have the pleasure of getting a tour of the amazing facility.

This initiative was a great way to bring the Coril team together in support of a great cause, and also served as a reminder that there are many people in the communities in which the Coril Group operates who are less fortunate and need our help, not just at Christmas, but all year round. Growing up in Edmonton, I was blessed to always have Christmas surrounded by a loving family.

During this holiday season, the Coril Team joined together by donating time and money in support of the Louise Dean School, a specialized Grade 9 – 12 education program for pregnant and parenting teens.

The support was overwhelming, we raised over $2,400, enabling us to purchase everything on the wish list of a family of five, including clothing, household items, and baby necessities.

I have learned that Canadians do have a very eloquent accent….