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Another deals with conversational skills and how to dress.I had a sex expert there and he talked about intimacy. The workshops were intended for dating and they started off with that focus, but as the conversation naturally progressed over five hours we discovered a lot of the participants see a wall when it comes to making friends — let alone asking someone out!

As long as there is variation, it’s heritable, and it leads to differential reproductive success—that is to say, if slightly-autistic geeks get more play—then natural selection may increase the frequency of autism in the future.

And I’m not only saying this because DISCOVER is a prop on the scientist’s coffee table.

He is also working on a documentary called 's Trevor Dineen about what it's like to date with Asperger's. But people on the spectrum tend to have more difficulty socializing and being appropriate in certain social settings.

By Evan Mead, as told to Now or Never Let me start by saying that if you've met one person with Asperger's or autism… Others also may have difficulty carrying on conversations or making eye contact. So when it comes to asking someone out, someone like me can get very anxious.

So we decided to give them a space to just be friendly. A lot of them have been bullied and suffer from severe social anxiety.