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i sent her a message saying are you released or is this the fbi and then it went yellow haha so maybe someone is watching the reactions here Arthur Koberinski all is not as it may seem….lovely invitation without addmission of wrongdoing…played heather ¤Kathleen Ann Kelley¤ I am writing frequency shorthand, now. With the proper application of resonating frequency, intention and imagining a different outcome. The little guys, are a mighty force, one that can not be compared to anything else in existence. It feels like we CAN create the greatest “jailbreak” in history. Is for all of us to step out of “smallness” and in body Original Truth… UNITED NATIONS NOT ONLY CEASED TO EXIST ON AUGUST 21, 2012, BUT DUE TO THOSE WITHIN/OPERATING/OWNING THAT PRIVATE CORPORATION AND THEIR OWN FREE WILL CHOICE TO FAIL TO CURE, THEY WERE DULY LAWFULLY AND LEGALLY NULL, VOID AND OTHERWISE CANCELLED…. Randy has given me the go ahead to share the need here for any financial support/donations to help us retain one.

We are Gods among Gods Never in my life, has a set of circumstances, shown itself to me, with greater potential than this now moment Sophia Love I concur KK, absolutely… I can do this at any moment so I bow to the group consensus for a time, a moment, and then “let’s do this”. If there is ever a moment, more perfectly orchestrated for us to do what it is we do best, I know not what it could be. They did what they did because this is a moment that many will want credit for, many with big plans for power and places OF power on this earth right now want to be the hero. Patricia and I are in close proximity to Knoxville and Ridgeland SC (jasper co) and will be working together to get funds collected and used for his arrival by this Friday. [ PM] lisa shannon: (hug) [ PM] Angie Lovesilly Lindsley: Donations are essential to allow for the retainment to occur as his accounts are all locked up and he has been in knox county jail for over two weeks with no funds. fbid=1286336081476051&set=a.102418389867832.4715.100002990136227&type=3&theater [ PM] Melissa H: Hello all I am Heathers sister. And keep Youssef in your prayers as he travels tomorrow [ PM] Stacy A: Melissa…sending you and family sooooo much (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) [ PM] Anita Ca: Sending ))))))))))) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart) [ PM] Melissa Havens: Thank you so much!

The other two looked behind the curtains, under the beds and in the closet.

We (A&V) were seated and told we were not in any kind of trouble, but they were going to arrest Heather.

H: smoking…the usual place…lol H: wink Again, we went through a routine of questions. Our reply: “years ago, we had looked at it, wasn’t our thing” . “No, in fact, I love Trump and what he is doing as President, but we don’t follow politics much.” More general questions about Heathers location. She may be right across the street” I went to the window, looked down, and there sat Heather in the smoking area for the Hotel, in plain view of anyone.


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