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I informed her I was looking for Lindsey, who she would go and find.

After greeting Lindsey, who happened to be standing next to the sales manager, I said, “I’m here to buy a top of the line Chrysler and I want to dispense with all the crap and be on my way!

With a phone call and return fax of our insurance certificate, and Nemer being set up to grant a temporary registration (permanent one comes in the mail), then they installed new license plates as we did still keep the old silver lady, they detailed the 2014, filled the tank with gas and then Cathy’s checkbook made it all happen.

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Automatic doors and tailgate make it easy to load and unload and the interior floor space can fit a 4’ X 8’ sheet of plywood flat and straight.

With that amount of room we can distribute a heavy load evenly with a very comfortable and smooth drive.

Well, with some negotiations of give and take, Cathy got her car.

Literally – got her car that same day – within hours of when we came in we were driving her new car to our appointment in South Glens Falls on its first business trip!

I didn’t realize that every Tom, Dick and Harry auto repair couldn’t do suspension work – or wanted to.